Coding 1 Exam

Short Programs: Options

Choose one question from this list. Submit this program on WIS. Make sure you save often on Khan Academy so you don’t lose your work.

You may use any internet resources you want, but you must cite these sources and provide a link in a comment of your program. You may not communicate with other classmates during the exam.

Growing Circle

Make a program of a circle on the screen. Whenever the user clicks on the circle, it gets bigger and changes color.

Random Ellipses

Write a program that uses arrays to store the location and size of 10 ellipses. Every frame, randomize the location and size of one of the ellipses (a different one each frame). Use a slow frameRate.

Coffee Mug Brush

Write a program that defines a function for drawCoffeeMug(x, y, size). Whenever this function is called, it should draw a ... coffee mug at the location specified by the parameters.

Incorporate your function into a program which draws randomly sized coffee mugs wherever the user drags their mouse.